Responsibilities and Rights of a Shipper

Responsibilities and Rights of a Shipper

Shippers, or owners of the commodities being shipped, will likely encounter shipping problems such as loss or damage to their property. This can lead to the filing of a claim for reimbursement. To be a wise shopper, one must be his or her own advocate when it comes to transporting goods by knowing the legal policies that affect shippers’ rights and responsibilities.

Before availing of transportation logistics or trucking services, you must know the different duties and responsibilities of a shipper. Some of the basic rules to know are the need to properly disclose the nature and quantity of the goods you are shipping, the need to follow proper packaging, and the need to comply with certain clearances and documents issued by the necessary regulating bodies. If these basic responsibilities are satisfied, any loss or damage to the shipper’s goods can be implicated against the carrier.

However, there are instances where loss and damage to goods cannot be taken against carriers. Like our logistics services in Georgia, a lot of logistics and trucking companies have raised these instances as concerns especially when shippers try to claim against them. The instances where carriers are not to be held liable for any damage, delay, or loss to freight are those caused by acts of God, a public enemy, the default of the shipper himself, new regulations of public authority, and the inherent vice or nature of goods shipped.

Thus, proper investigation is first done when claims are filed against transporting or hauling services. This is a fair measure that prevents claimants from enriching themselves without basis at the carrier’s expense.

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